GRAPHICS SYSTEM was created in the year 1989 and specialized in the manufacture of marketing kits. GRAPHICS SYSTEM has a minimum of 230 workers who have a potential of realising a production quantity of 5000 articles per day. Few years ago, GRAPHICS SYSTEM extended it’s production area beyond marketing kits. GRAPHICS SYSTEM therefore stands out today as the most prominent printing company in the whole of Central Africa because of its mastery of producing all kinds of equipments to suit all circumstances.


Production and design of packaging, banners, calendars, advertising productions and many other posters that aim to make “Easy Communication”


Project summary :

Graphics System is a company specializing in the graphics industry sector which provides printing services, signage, CANAL + distribution, marketing of paper and printing media on the market. It has several software solutions for monitoring its activities, including SAGE (Payroll and accounting), Iplans ERP, the office suite, Dollibar, GLPI, Glassfish, C+ Manager.

The diversity of these tools has the following consequences:

● Information redundancy

● Inaccessibility and complexity of real-time data access

● Significant maintenance costs

● Inefficient traceability of data

● Compromised data integrity risk

● Sub-optimal query processing time.

To this end, in order to improve its performance, Graphics System wishes to initiate a process of centralizing its management activities within an integrated software package.

2 Objectives

The solution to be deployed will be the Community version 11 of the Odoo ERP with specific modules that will meet the company’s requirements. It must be deployed on a hosted virtual private server (Master) and on the local Graphics System server. Synchronization between the version hosted on VPS and up-to-date with the version hosted locally must be done within one hour of time.

The following specific objectives should be achieved:

● The tool must be accessible over a wide range and in real time;

● It will have to integrate the efficient management of human resources including personnel administration (from recruitment to the exit of personnel), personnel development (advancements, training, assignments, promotions and others) and remuneration of personnel (employee pay)

● Biometrics will allow automatic clocking in

● The tool must make it possible to manage the stock of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in warehouses and multiple locations;

● The system must make it possible to accurately view the current stock and automatically generate purchase requests for raw materials and/or goods when the minimums are reached; minimum stocks being configured in advance;

● The integration of a production management calendar must be planned;

● The management of purchases by import and the automatic calculation of the landing costs (Landed cost) of the raw materials and/or goods, must be integrated;

● The tool must be able to integrate the analytical analysis of production costs;

● An interface to visualize the production chain and their daily/monthly production and performance reports must be integrated;

● The machine maintenance schedule can be established and consulted there;

● The management of declarable accounting activities (account clients) and non-declarable accounting activities (private clients) must be taken into account;

● The system must be able to take into account the allocation of monthly budget lines concerning commitments and expenditures;

● The various documents exchanged with customers must be able to be archived within the system;

● All access to the system must be traced and users will be subject to an authentication and access control policy.

● The tool must provide for the interconnection and management of CANAL+ activities

3 Modules to implement

The modules to implement are the following:


● User management and access control module

● Stock and logistics management module

● Module for managing purchases and imports abroad

● Sales and CRM management module

● General accounting and treasury management module

● Fixed assets management module

● Analytical accounting and budget management module

● Production management module (manufacturing)

● Human resources and payroll management module

● Machine maintenance management module

● Electronic document management module

● Reports and dashboards module

● Activity tracking

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Bonaberi, Douala, Cameroon

Service Provided

ERP Cloud.. Tool : Odoo, OVH Cloud

Project Timeline

3 months planning, and 19 months for completion

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