ALUBASSA : e-Procurement solutions

ALUBASSA : e-Procurement solutions

ALUBASSA was created in the year 1957 and specialized in the manufacture of kitchen equipments from pure aluminium. ALUBASSA has a minimum of 250 workers who have a potential of realising a production quantity of 5000 articles per day. Few years ago, ALUBASSA extended it’s production area beyond kitchen equipments. ALUBASSA therefore stands out today as the most prominent aluminium processing company in the whole of Central Africa because of its mastery of producing all kinds aluminium equipments to suit all circumstances.
Next time you’ll be searching for the right material for your building or domestic equipments, bet you’ll consider choosing aluminium!
Discover the most innovative usages of one of the most revolutionary metals of our time :

Very good thermal conductor and insulator.
Light and has esthetic value.
Malleable and resistant.

Project summary :

ALUBASSA for several years have experienced serious difficulties in being able to optimize the validation processes of their purchase requests and supplier orders.

The purchasing department thus requires a digital solution to manage validation orders, purchase levels, the process of calls for tenders and supplier orders.

"Being the Head of Innovation of a 70 years old company Groupe ALUCAM, it's was a challenge to digitalize and automate processes of our procurement division. In 2 years time, we went from a 3 months validation process to 1hour, thanks to PHILJOHN'S team."


ZI Bassa, Douala, Cameroon

Service Provided

e-Procurement system. Tool : Odoo, OVH Cloud

Project Timeline

1 month planning, and 6 months for completion

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