BRASAF : e-FACTORY solutions

BRASAF / Krystal: e-FACTORY solutions

BRASAF (BRAsseries SAmuel Foyou) was created in the year 2019 and specialized in the manufacturing of beverages. BRASAF has a minimum of 80 workers who have a potential of realising a production quantity of 2000 articles per day. Last year, BRASAF extended it’s production area beyond softs drinks. 

BRASAF launched it’s first set of soft drinks branded KRYSTAL JUICE. 

Project summary :

BRASAF have experienced serious difficulties in being able to automate their factory processes.

What the e-FACTORY solutions could do

Equipment & Spare parts management module

• Identify the ownership of the spare part (is it on equipment or free);

• Its exact location in the store

• Display the movement history of a spare part in a given period (entry date, last exit date, last inventory date, etc.);

Stats on the period of each spare part

Status of overall spare parts valued on a specific date;

State of consumption of a spare part in quantity and value valued over a period;

Listing of spare parts which have not had any movement in quantity and value for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, etc.; (dormant stock)

Stock status,

Listing of replenishments (listing of parts that have reached the minimum threshold).

Minimum inventory

Stock alert

Work request: 

Order of work

Manufacturing management module

• Record line start times;

• Record production start times;

• Record the end of production times;

• Record line closing times;

• Record production quantities in hectoliters and in number of bottles;

• To record the quantities entered into the store in hectoliters and in number of bottles;

• To record the theoretical production of the day;

• Calculate yields

• Statement of synthetic return over a period with its daily evolution graph;

• State of overall return over a period with sin graph of daily evolution;

Module for monitoring raw material consumption

Some states:

• State of production loss over a period = (theoretical exit over the period – actual exits over the period) / actual exits over the period

• State of overall loss over a period = (initial stock over the period – ending stock over the period – actual exits over the period) / actual exits

"Being the IT Project manager, it's was a challenge to digitalize and automate processes of our manufacturing division. In 2 years time, we upgraded our maintenance & quality service time up to 95%, thanks to PHILJOHN'S team."


ZI Bonendale, Douala, Cameroon

Service Provided

e-FACTORY system. Tool : Odoo, On-Premises

Project Timeline

1 month planning, and 24 months for completion (delay due to covid)

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