Philjohn Tech at FRANCE ALUMNI launching in Douala !

Philjohn Tech, represented by its co-founder and board member, Winnie Kamdem, played a prominent role during the France Alumni Day inaugural speech, held at the French Institute in Douala. This event, co-chaired by the Consul General of France, Mr. Stephane Catta, and the Director of the University of Douala, Professor Magloire Ondoa, brought together former students and experts in the field to discuss the employability of profiles international.

The main plenary of the event focused on the expectations of companies and alumni regarding the employability of international profiles. Participants had the opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities faced by international candidates in the job market, as well as the skills and knowledge sought by employers.

Winnie Kamdem shared her expertise and experience as the co-founder of a successful tech company. She underlined the importance of cultural diversity and international perspectives in today’s professional world. According to her, international profiles bring added value thanks to their openness, adaptability and ability to work in multicultural environments.

Participants also discussed initiatives and strategies to enhance the employability of international candidates. It was emphasized that a thorough understanding of local labor market requirements, fluency in foreign languages ​​and the acquisition of transferable skills are key elements to improve the employment prospects of international profiles.

The companies present expressed their interest in hiring international talent, highlighting the diversity of perspectives, innovation and creativity they bring to their teams. However, they also highlighted the need for better communication and greater integration of international candidates into recruitment processes and work environments.

To conclude, the France Alumni Day in Douala offered a platform for exchanges and reflections on the employability of international profiles. The discussions highlighted the importance of cultural diversity and international skills in the labor market, while underlining the need for concerted efforts to improve the integration and professional opportunities of international candidates. Philjohn Tech, represented by Winnie Kamdem, contributed significantly to this discussion, highlighting the importance of open-mindedness and the adaptability of international profiles in the business world.

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