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The scholarship a training voucher offered to the best of each class or level entitles them to free training according to their basic learning.
This will allow them to acquire skills.
to better progress towards the job of their dream or in their future professional career during their training.

There are 3 levels of scholarships. 

We only take applications from the schools with whom  we have a partnership. 

Find below the full list of our partners.

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  • Consolidate computer basics
  • Provide quality training to young people
    Cameroonians and Africans in general
  • Participate in the popularization of digital transformation in Africa in order to have a better processing of the volume of data, to eliminate the use of sheets of paper in the exercise of our various activities.
  • Facilitate the professional integration of young people
  • Eradicate delinquency in schools, urban disorder as well as the mortality rate by emphasizing excellence and competence.


Trainers have at least 5 years of experience in the fields of tech (DATA – DIGITAL – CYBERSEC – MANAGEMENT)
They are passionate and want to share their knowledge.



PHILJOHN ACADEMY in its mission to improve the living conditions of African populations, will offer a young African who once lived on 2 dollars a day, an income of 452 dollars a month, by training him first, then by inserting in a unit of production of wealth which will allow him to have a healthy and decent life with his family.

In Africa, a study shows that a decent job directly and indirectly feeds 10 people, or 5,000 people fed through PHILJOHN ACADEMY.

A young person trained and inserted into a value production unit, allows him to increase his monthly income, hence a consistent purchasing power allowing him to afford quality health care in a continent where the quality of care to a strong correlation with the patient’s budget.

In Africa 60% of young people are unemployed and live in precarious conditions, one of the reasons for this situation is that of the mismatch between training and employment, except that specialized training is reserved for a category of people. The implementation project is a response to the difficulties encountered by the vulnerable layer of our society by offering them quality training.

For sustainable development, it is necessary to advocate gender equality, which is why female learners will be encouraged so that women are retained in decision-making positions with a view to strengthening policies and legislation in favor of greater equality. of sex.

At the end of the annual exercise, the academy will place 500 young people on the job market, some of whom will enter companies on permanent contracts, for others they will be able to integrate projects with a strong socio-economic impact or embark on personal title. These actions will contribute to a positive improvement in the unemployment rate, the underemployment rate and will considerably reduce informal activities which will systematically improve the gross domestic product which is very low.

In an Africa where the birth rate is growing exponentially, it is important to provide innovative solutions that will improve people’s quality of life.

For PHILJOHN ACADEMY, which is an entity focused on data training, it goes beyond its mission to train and integrate young learners because it includes a research and development center that will provide solutions in various fields such as health, insurance, data archiving of public and private companies.

PHILJOHN ACADEMY in its policy will put reduced costs with a view to considerably combating the inequalities of people living in society.

The POWER ACADEMY training rooms will be built and fitted out in strict compliance with the ISO 37101 standard which advocates a sustainable community development. 

It will therefore be a question of avoiding the heating of rooms and further reducing the employability of air conditioners which, in addition to consuming enough electrical energy, can be dangerous by releasing fluids harmful to the ozone layer if they are badly maintained.

The whole world is facing climate change, causing lasting changes to our climate system.
However, the arrival or popularization of big data in Africa will also allow us to have better processing of the volume of data, to eliminate the use of sheets of paper in our various activities. 

This act of suppression will participate favorably in limiting deforestation actions, wood being a raw material in the paper production process.

PHILJOHN ACADEMY in its mission to provide quality training to young Africans and to facilitate professional integration, further will allow delinquency in the school environment, urban disorder as well as the related mortality rate to decrease by emphasizing excellence and competence.

PHILJOHN ACADEMY will also ensure that young people are not exposed to heavy work and abuse.

In order to carry out this high-impact project, partnerships will be forged with international organizations.


Are you a school, government or NGO ?

Do you want to partner with us? Please, contact us to [email protected]