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XAF 900,000 3 months
  • DATA Processing
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Outlook


Artificial Intelligence is now inseparable from a company’s digital project. It is therefore strongly advised that any actor or decision-maker in such a project study and evaluate the different possibilities for data use and interpretation offered by this set of technologies. Developments in data processing algorithms are giving rise to new technological possibilities such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning. 

How to deploy an AI solution? What tools can we use? What benefits to derive from it? Is it reserved for a few specific activities and trades? 

Through multiple examples and feedback, this seminar will allow participants to strengthen their initial knowledge to effectively initiate the implementation of an Artificial Intelligence solution adapted to the activity and businesses of their company.


Have a concrete definition of Artificial Intelligence solutions and tools

Know how to define the types of benefits by profession, activity, sector of the Company

Be able to discern the keys to the success of an Artificial Intelligence solution

Know the solutions, tools and technologies currently used in an A.I project


Module 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Neural Networks and Deep Learning)
Module 2: Artificial Intelligence applied to natural language
Module 3: Artificial Intelligence applied to image processing
Module 4: The Roadmap of an Artificial Intelligence Application Deployment

Prerequisites for training

Advanced Python knowledge
Advanced knowledge in Data Science