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For FY2022,

January,3th, 2022

February, 7th, 2022

March, 7th, 2022

April,4th, 2022

May,9th, 2022

June, 6th, 2022

July, 4th, 2022

August 8th, 2022

September, 5th, 2022

October, 3rd, 2022

November, 7th, 2022

December, 5th, 2022

Yes, you can pay months in advance prior to your batch in order to secure your place.

Please keep in mind that, 100% of payment should be made before attending to classes.

Yes we have. After completion of training, some students and job seekers can be integrated into exciting projects.

Do you want to work (trainer, partner, intern) with us?

Please, send your CV and Motivation Letter to [email protected]

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